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    I have 3 white orpingtons along with 3 barred rock that are 5 weeks old. I also have 6 bantam silkies that are about 4 weeks old. My silkies are quite a bit smaller than the others and the orpingtons are just down right mean to them! They go out if their way to attack them. Especially one if them in particular. The barred rock are a little better with them, not near as mean. Can anyone tell me why or have any suggestions on what to do? I've kept my silkies separate for most of the time I do take them outside and let them free range most everyday together. I really wanted to be able to jeep them all together in a coop though once they are old enough. Is it just because of the size difference? From what I've read orpingtons are generally friendly, did I just get a bad set?
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    You're right in titling this "attitudes". But the attitudes work off each other, creating a dynamic.

    You have different breeds, different temperaments, and individual levels of self confidence. If you have a chicken inclined to aggressiveness and a chicken that is meek by temperament and that also has limited self confidence, the aggressive chicken picks up on it, and the result is bullying. It's very much like the human children's playground.

    You can try to micromanage your flock, but you'll eventually go nuts. Unless there is bloodshed, you're better off just letting them work out the pecking order and try to accept some are going to get picked on.

    If the Silkies seem to be too overmatched, you might consider segregating them. They are a docile breed as well as size-deprived, so it might be a wise thing to consider doing.

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