Chicken became lethargic and died shortly after.

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    May 10, 2014
    We had a 7 month old Tetra Tint. We noticed a couple days ago her comb was lighter then usual, we checked her out and she seemed perky enough. Yesterday, we were watching her and she was not acting a little off, still roaming the yard, but slower then the others. This morning she was laying down still and did not move when we opened the door. We checked her crop seemed ok, didn't seem egged bound, no blooding droppings, but she felt warm. We put her in a container, tried to feed and water her. We called to make and appt. with a local Vet. On the way there she died. Anybody have thoughts on what could have happened? Should we be concerned with our other 6 Chickens? They all seem normal right now. Thanks for the input, Tom

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