chicken behavior after egg laying


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Jun 20, 2015
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So I went to collect some eggs this morning, and as I lifted up the lid on the egg box, there was a hen in there. No big deal, happens all the time. I'll just leave her there and come back later. Well I guess I startled her this time, she started to squawk like a warning squawk, more like a screech, then did her typical "egg laying" squawk and she came out of the box. When she came out into the run, she was still doing her egg laying squawk. Two of my other hens started to chase her and attack her, like the pecking order was starting all over again. It wasn't all of my hens (I have 15), it was only 2. It lasted for maybe a minute and then all was well again. Why did they do this? They all do their egg laying squawk all the time and nobody has ever attacked, this was just something I'd never seen before.


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Her vocalization may have been something you didn't understand but the 2 others did and were telling her to shut the heck up.

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