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chicken behavior, will not go into chicken coop anymore

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by dhalle, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. dhalle

    dhalle Hatching

    Oct 17, 2011
    Recently we had a tree that fell down closed to our chicken coop, so close that it moved the coop. Since then the chickens will not go back into the coop. At the time the chickens were out roaming the yard but due to their behavior I'm not sure. Maybe they were in the coop. Finally I caught them all and placed them back into the coop and closed all exits. I am not letting them out. I am hoping that they will realize that the coop is a safe place. Is this the right thing to do? How long should I keep them in there? Is there another solution?
    Also, I am not sure how old the hens are. (they were a gift) I was told that they should start producing eggs around Oct., so far no eggs. Will the stress of the situation delay that? Thanks for any help Denise

  2. ChicKat

    ChicKat Crowing Premium Member

    Hi Denise,

    welcome to the forum.

    What you are doing makes sense to me. I guess the big test will be when you do let them out and night falls.

    Hard to know when they will really start producing, as the daylight is growing less.

    I have a friend who's new POL pullet laid an egg about a week and a half ago and hasn't laid since. Best be patient...and think that perhaps the 'shock' of having the coop move would put a slight delay in their normal schedule.

    Do you have fake eggs in the nest box or something similar? Could they have laid egg(s) out doors hidden before you shut them up? Lastly do they have the red comb and wattles, and the moist vent that signals a laying hen?

    Post back when you get those early eggs--- Looking forward to hearing.
  3. Abirdbrain

    Abirdbrain Chirping

    Chickens areally good at figuring out shicken things, and they avoid things that have scared them in recent memory. In a few days they dont remember that incident anymore. Teh coop move could be frightening, but it will pass of not repeated.

    As far as egg production,mine has fallen off by 50%. New coop to consolidate the birds in a larger dedicated building, rather than a tractor I cant pull in the snow is in the works with available material. Looks like a 8 x 16 mini barn s what will occur here. the hens respond to good feed, water, and hours of lighting. They need some 12 -14 hours of light, so a good light (100 W ?) In the building on a timer ($10) may make a big diference. I am looking to winter here and trying to stay ahead of the game.

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