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    I have a hen that up until yesterday was happy enough running around. First, I noticed yesterday evening she was just sitting on the driveway. I thought this was weird because the driveway is blacktop and all her friends were enjoying pecking around in the fresh grass or scratching in the woods nearby. This morning She wasn't on the roof where they usually are in the morning and she didn't come down or out of the coop as they all do in the morning when I feed them. So I picked her up and brought her out. I noticed she was a little tiny bit wet which led me to believe she was laying in "poo". I brought her in the garage and set her up in "chicken sick bay". I gave her vitamins and electrolytes water and feed.
    Any thoughts on what might be going on?
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    Dec 26, 2018
    How does her crop feel ?
    Has she been laying eggs ?
    Is she eating and drinking well ?
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    I'm sorry about your hen.
    Can you post some photos of her and her poop?

    Feel her abdomen for any bloat/swelling or fluid, if she has been normally laying eggs it would be good idea to feel inside the vent to make sure she's not eggbound. Check the crop to see if it's hard, soft, doughy, etc or if her breath smells bad.
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