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Aug 28, 2013
Hi all, just registered with BYC and love it, really helpful advice. We have just bought 3 bantums, 2.5 months old. They seem to have settled well, 2 really stick together and roost high at night. However one doesn't roost high, stays near the ground, I have covered the nest box over and she has even slept on top of the water feeder one night. She seems really lazy, the other 2 are really keen to come out into the run in the morning but she takes another half an hour. The other 2 are scratching away all day but she is dusting around in the dirt or sleeping. She is eating and drinking well and is even a smidge bigger than the other 2. One other difference is that she solely rocks her head back in a gentle rhythmic movement. Any ideas why? Or anything we need to be concerned about? Is she maybe a cockrel? Would love to hear all your advice?

Your little chick will come along it takes a little while, I have 2 chicks that sleep in nesting boxes and their mate is now roosting. Congrats on your new babies. Pm me if you need any help
I think your third bantam is sick. Unfortunately, there are lots of things that can make them ill. I suggest treating for coccidiosis and worms, as those are common and easily treatable. I would also check them for mites/lice. Also, contact the seller and ask if they have been vaccinated for Marek's.

Coccidiosis: I suggest Corid. Tractor Supply carries it. It comes in liquid or powder. I believe the liquid is 2 teaspoons per gallon of drinking water. The powder is 1/2 - 3/4 tsp per gallon. Mix it fresh every day and treat then for five days.

Good luck!
I think I have worked it out. I think she is blind, or partially sighted. The other two came dashing over for a treat, she didn't until my daughter pushed her face in it, then she merrily pecked away. I also saw her in the coop, feeding from the feeder and then losing where it was and frantically scratching the floor and pecking until she found it again. I reckon that also explains why it takes her so long to come out in the morning. My daughter tried twice putting her on the perch and she fell off both times but when she urine f the others in the perch he stayed. Now what to do, if she is blind, do we just keep an eye and make sure she gets enough food? Or do we need to be concerned for the there's. One more thing s that when on the action today she was walking backwards with her head between her legs then looking normal agin, the repeating the backward walking ith wad between legs! Thanks all x
I have a blind hen also. She was born that way. Once I put her out to the coop I never moved the food, she listened to the other chickens and found food and water, once she knows where it is she will keep going back. I never really kept an eye on her I figured mother nature will teach her or she will go back to mother nature. She is now over 2 yrs old and doing find, she is however an easy target for the roosters so that you will have to watch.
Thanks mstricer! We don't have rooster, so that is good. How did you determine that she was blind? Is it all the things I have mentioned above? Where does your hen sleep. I suppose my only concern was that the blindness may be a sign of symptom of something else, but if it is just that then as you say, we can just help her out a bit. Thanks for support.
Is your bantam a silkie? The dropped head and walking backwards is a common thing in silkies. It can be from nutritional deficiencies or a head injury(or peck). If they have large crests(feathers on head) and beards - it obscures their vision. It is the nature of silkies to sleep on the floor in a pile. They aren't good flyers because they don't have true feathers like other chickens.

If she isn't a silky, sounds like she would still benefit from the treatment. Polyvisol infant drops (NO IRON) 2 drops just inside beak 3 times per day, a couple of drops squeezed from a vit.E capsule. In some cases that don't respond a vet may prescribe steroids.

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