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12 Years
Nov 29, 2007
I have a 1 year old hen that appears to have gone blind. She is finding the food dish okay and drinks.
However, she does bump into things around her.
I can put my hand up to her eyes and it's like I'm not even there.
well,,,,,,,,she drinks and eats!!!! but make sure no ones being a bully

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I have one like that too. We are going to make her a little coop and run area of her own, she falls off the roost and is afraid to walk down the ramp. She will have her own feed dish and water and a cozy safe spot. I just need to find a friend to put with her so she won't feel lonely.

Good luck with your special girl.
You may want to email or PM Southern28Chick (Tricia). She has a blind hen (Blind Tiny) that has done wonderfully under her care. I'm sure she'll be more than happy to help you with your bird.
My little Pip Squeak is blind too. She doesn't seem to have any problems eating or drinking. My daughter makes sure that no one picks on her as well as our Roo Rudy. He seems to know. But good luck with you hen.
We had a blind hen, Helen, who was just getting picked on too much, so we gave her away...after looking for weeks for a new home. If you do make her that ADA coop, consider a bunny for her cellmate.

Good luck!

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