Chicken Breeders in Indiana?


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9 Years
Jan 6, 2011
I'm a 4-Her looking for some chicks to raise and show at the fair this year. I currently only have 5 chickens and they're older now and aren't really show quality. I had some chicks on order from a local breeder, but unfortunately, there has been a delay in the availability (long story) so now I'm searching for basically any breed of chicks to show at the fair, which is in June!! I'd love something a bit exotic or Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, but anything will do. I do ask that they are quality, purebred chickens though. Also, would consider ducks and maybe a turkey! I have a friend who would love to find quality Mottled Houdans, her order (with the same breeder) had been delayed as well as her boys were wanting to show Houdans at the fair. I also know another girl who wanted Houdans and her order has been delayed as well, so anyone with quality Houdans available, please let me know! Please post or message me about the breeds you have available and pricing. Thanks :)

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