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    May 22, 2011
    im trying to see if i can make my own links i have a RIR roo in with BR,WR and couple of RIR hens for the RSL and BSL and to see if i can get some Ambers since they are such a beautiful chicken and then i have a BR roo in with BA and RIR hens trying to see if i can make a Delaware and so far today i have 1 RIR and 7 BR... and we only have 6 BR hens and i wanted to know will the BR roo make the RIR and BA lay BR babys or what?
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    Delawares were developed originally from crosses between barred rock roosters and new hampshire hens. Some white sports were produced, and these were used to start the delaware breed. It is now, however,a separate breed of birds and not a cross.
    Are you trying to produce sex link birds? Sounds fun. Crossing a BR hen with a RIR rooster would produce sex links. Can't help you with the ambers, I have not heard of them before.
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    In my experience, the most dominate color is black. I have dozens of BR and Dom's thanks to my Dom roo. The color seems to be dominant. Not 100% sure, but seems to be my experience. [​IMG]
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    I am experimenting right now but some of my birds are too young for breeding yet. I do have some eggs in the incubator that are crosses from others birds. Will post pics when they hatch. Hatch date is June 23/24. The breeds I'm experimenting with currently whose eggs are in the incubator are Delaware, RIR, NHR.
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