chicken breeds post iformation here about different breeds

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    The astralorp above is an astralorp chick.

    Do not forget to post pics of chickens wright down what breed or post information!!

    be sure to check out my thread about my hen olive who is broody p.s. it has to do with a couch look under threads started by roostersandhens[​IMG]

    THE BLACK ASTRALORP!!!! they are very sweet great layers and make beutiful little girls!! tey make great mama's and love being held i love astralorps! feel free to post everything about any breed astralorp americauna cochin silkie and ect.
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    Thats an adorable chick. I raised 8 australorp chicks last spring. They were all very healthy and turned out to be nice nice layers. Had to re-home them because they started picking on some of my cochin hens. But enjoyed the eggs while they lasted. I love my cochins and silkies. They are cute silly birds :)
  3. Americauna's are very sweet eventhe roosters!! i love how they have those puffy cheeks so they look like they are smiling!! they are very colorful roosters i have one who has brown black white peach blue green purple and ect. he is a colorful little boy! he is actually big though he is huge! the hens are great they lay beutiful eggs that are a pastel green pink or blue! Americaunas are my favorite breed! LOVE THOSE PUFFY CHEEKS!!!!!

    Above is a baby Americauna Hen![​IMG]
  4. Buff orpingtons are very sweet! they lay eggs that are a brown color they are yellow chicks and yellow hens! i am not sure about the rooster! They are very curious and very smart! Always hold them always pet them they will ove that! if you know more about the buff orpington feel free to post more facts or pictures!!

    Above is a baby Buff Orpington
  5. barred rocks are black and white!(it's a joke!) I don't spend much time reading about chicken's i spend My time writing,playing outside I am not much of a reading person unless it is really intrusting. sorry[​IMG]
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    Seramas the smallest breed of chicken in the world. There is a lot of false info about them out there. They are more cold hardy than what most people are led to believe, very friendly, will hatch/raise their own chicks and the roosters are fairly quiet. For some reason my phone isn't letting me upload pics right now but if you visit my profile I have some adorable Serama pics!

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