Chicken breeds that lay interesting eggs and are quiet?

I find my Ameraucana hen to be fairly quiet and she lays beautiful green or blue eggs. My Welsummer is very quiet and lays dark, terracotta brown eggs, I don't have one of these, but I hear that Araucanas lay gorgeous blue eggs, but their temperament range's from aggressive to the sweetest bird in the flock. I hope you find a good breed for you!
Thank you everyone for your responses. I am gutted as within my mixed flock I have to rehome my cream legbar :( As beautiful as she is, she SCREECHES and cackles most of the day. It seems to be her egg song before she lays but it lasts for a good 3 hours and she’s as loud as a cockerel. We have neighbours all around and are not happy understandably, so I’ve decided it’s finally best to rehome her. I have been looking to add a few more chooks to my flock but a quieter breed. I know it tends to come down to the individual bird rather than breed, but one that doesn’t screech but with colourful eggs like my legbar would be nice!! Is that too much to ask 😅

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