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Debbie Sewell

7 Years
May 5, 2012
I bought 24 baby silkie chicks. 3 black, white, grey, blue, splash, buff, red and partridge. I don't know which is roosters or hens, yet. Out of the three...I would think I would have one of each. My question is, which ones should I put in coops together? I only have three separate coops. Any information would be appreciated.
Why do you want to keep them separate? Are you planning on breeding or just keeping them for eggs?
I would keep them all together. If you are planning on breeding them I guess you should house them according to what colors you are wanting to breed?? I don't know anything at all about silkie breeds, but while they are growing you can study the silkie threads and make a decision.

If you are planning on keeping them all, you can plan on at least half of them to be cockerels. You may want to make a bachelor pen. That will be a lot of roosters.
I've decided to keep my black, blue, splash and self blue together to breed. I'll put the others together for eggs. I'll keep all roosters and hope they get along!

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