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    I know this is like the question of 'How much does a hen weigh?', but... I have six pea eggs to set and one broody BCM hen. I know that she can cover the six eggs, but how many eggs do you think she COULD cover? I may want to slip a couple more under her if she can keep them warm. Temps are now in the lower 70 to mid 60 range and 40's at night. So far I am getting two eggs every other day, one from my Purple pen, and from my BS pen. I believe both hens are Cameo that are laying.

    I know that a neighbor sets six under his broody bantam hens but I would like to know what others here do.
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    I only put 4 per hen, i know some can cover more but i feel better with 4 and am sure that none will not be left off to the side by accident as they are bigger than a hen egg, broodys tend to loose weight during sitting so it is harder for them to cover more after time especially when they sit month after month like mine do, i got hens that will not even leave the nest after the babies hatch, they are perpetual broodys LOL

    Congratulations on you eggs [​IMG]
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