Chicken Calculator Question... Fawn/Dun & Khaki?

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    So i was checking out some combonations on the chciken calculator to see what I could get with different color crosses in my Wyandottes. I was mainly trying to figure out how to get more like my "buff laced" roo but then started checking out what my blue roo could produce.

    Roo's are a Blue Roo & a "Buff Laced" Roo(BLR minus mahagony i think i was told?)
    My hens are Buff, Blue, Splash & a Black.

    So, the calculator says if I cross my either of my roos X Buff Hens there's a chance I could get Fawn/Dun and Khaki colored chicks. (for clarification, I put BLR in for my "buff laced" roo)

    I am not familiar with these colors and was wondering if anyone knows of Wyandottes in these colors so I can see how it looks or if anyone has a picture of these colors on another bird?
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    Chances are pretty high that your buffs do not carry dun. It would (is) a good black diluter for buff as it turns any black in the plumage to a lovely chocolate colouring that fits in much better with the appearance of buff. If you check on any of the chocolate threads you can probably find some pics of dun birds (khaki is two copies of the gene). Alternatively look at polish or OEGB sites.

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