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May 30, 2017
hello! I have a brown leghorn, about 8 weeks old... 7 days ago, I found her unable to walk so i brought her in... since then, I've tried so many things and scoured the interwebs until my eyes went blurry, trying to figure out what's wrong with her. Here's what I know.
It's been 7 days. No other girls from her coop are ill.
She's eating and drinking.
Poop is mostly normal looking.
Her legs are curled up, toes too.
Can't walk. At all.

I'm currently on the trail of vitamin defiency and lack of biotin.
I've been giving her probiotics, vitamin supplements, oregano, meal worms (small amount), tried yogurt (hated it!) , a scrambled egg...
I'm at a loss. 7 days and I'm no closer to a diagnosis and she's no better or worse...
I'd love some other opinions or ideas... and if anyone thinks it's biotin or vitamin deficiency, I have a million questions!


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Jul 16, 2015
Most can take weeks to die depending on where they have the tumors. Since Mareks is basically a cancer, they all are affected differently, some can even improved. The only way to actively know if it's Mareks is to examine them after they are deceased to see the lesions and tumors, though we have never done that.

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