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May 2, 2012
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Fun way to identify your birds! Charm Leg Bands are enjoyable to see on your feathered friends and it is entertaining to watch charms float about your pens. Have more pens of birds than there are colors of bands? Add a charm to the band to expand the identifying possibilities.

What you get; QTY 20 Total Charm Leg Bands; 5 Hearts, 5 Ladybugs, 2 Superman, 3 Butterflies, and 5 Flowers. You choose the band colors. Band Colors available are Blue, Light Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Purple, Grey, and Pink. Message us The band colors you would like and your paypal email address. We will send you an invoice through Pay pal.

The Bands: Use multiple colors to Identify one bird from another in a pen or use one color bands for different pens of birds. Poultry legs are not round as most bands on the market imply, crazy thought huh...Cable ties, Zip Ties, Zip Bands, Tie Wraps whatever you want to call them contour to poultry legs much better that a stiff round band and are inexpensive to buy. Replacement bands for these charms can be purchased through us or at any hardware online or brick store. Have more pens of birds than there are band colors? Add a charm to a color band to expand your identification system.
The Charms: We have the charms manufactured specifically to fit 5.5-6" band. The charms can slide back and forth on the side of the leg band they are put on but, will not slide around the front or to the other side. Because they are metal, they can be disinfected and reused with a new band.

Charm Leg Bands ~ Easy to put on, they don't fall off, one size fits large fowl and bantam chickens, ducks, geese, turkey, peacock, and some gamebirds. No more buying 4 or 5 different sizes of bands to fit your birds. Fits size 7, size 9, size 11, size 12, size 14 ; Bantams, Chickens, Ducks, Turkey, Geese, Swans, Peacock.
  • Approx 6" long and fit; Chickens, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, Game birds, One size can accommodate all of your flock. No more buying a band for every size bird!
  • Bands will not fall off. No more picking up bands off the ground and trying to locate which bird it came off of.
  • Aesthetically pleasing, the charms are on a 4mm wide cable tie. The charms vary from 6 to 12 mm in width and/or length.
  • They can be simply band color and charm coded, to use as a standalone identification system or right along with your numbered system. Message us to get the code sheet.
  • Band Shape contours to the leg better than round bands.
Easy to put on. Put the end through the head and start the zip, slide it around the leg, with one finger hold the charm in place on the outside of the leg, zip until the band/tie is in place. Make sure the band is loose enough it turns easily and slides up and down a bit then, snip off the excess, you are done!
They can be used on growing birds however, not recommended unless you really watch their growth closely. Any band that gets to tight can cut into the leg. Birds do the majority of their growth between hatch and 16 weeks. Birds under 16 weeks, make sure to leave plenty of growing room. Before the band starts to get tight, replace it with a new one.
Thanks, your support is appreciated and we look forward to serving you. Wishing you and your feathered friends the best! ~ Chicken Hill Poultry ~
These look awesome!! But can I special order? I have 4 kids with the need of separating them and this would be perfect.

I have 2 boys though so unsure what I would choose for the one. Since you only have one boy charm.

I would also need 6 of each charm I did get.
Sorry, The system did not let me know you wrote. For the boys
you can use the same Superman charm, they come with a yellow band and a Blue band in the 20 pack so, you can still tell them apart by the band color. We have designed some other action heros for the guys and they will be available in a couple months....
You can buy them per piece @ .50 ea and that does include a band of the color you wish. Shipping is 2.45 on custom bands.
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That sounds great. Let me get my order together and I'll send it to you!

Pretty Sebestapool!!
Thanks!! Love our sebs. They are part of the family!

LOL I am confused... so what's new..What exactly would you like see prancing about the coop? The 20 pack or to make up your own bands?

Thanks :)
6 red hearts with 8 red bands
6 pink ladybugs with 8 pink bands
6 superman with 8 blue bands
6 superman with 8 yellow bands

That's what I would like.
Thanks. My kids will love these. I normally buy bands so we can know who's birds are who's. But this is just cuter.
It is cutester! However, we use them as identification for our NPIP cert as well, right along with our numbered bands. We just code the color of band and the color/design of the charm. Our inspector gets a kick out of it!

Thanks for the order!! Hope to see photos of your kids with the chickie kids and their stylin bands :)

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