chicken chased by dog missing...suggestions


Apr 22, 2015
Our dog, for the first time, got out of the house to see one of us coming in, saw the chickens & chased one of our RIR until...she decide (with the whole family yelling at her) she'd better stop. We are now in search n' rescue mode it seems as we are searching the last barn we saw them go around. We took the rest of her flock (8) out near that barn to see if she might rejoin her group. No luck. We have weeds & a fence row around so we are looking there, rechecking buildings. It will be dark here in about 1 1/2 hrs.
Pretty sure dog did not 'connect' with her, but they were both 'moving'.
We're new to chickens this summer. I imagine she might even be in shock. ...can they have a heart attack from?
Okay, off to rejoin my family in the hunt.



8 Years
Sep 21, 2012
South West France
Chickens can hide extremely well after a 'predator' attack. A neighbour's dog got into my garden this summer and two of my birds went AWOL. One came back after a couple of hours, the other only reappeared FIVE hours later! I had looked everywhere but she had obviously been hiding in bushes somewhere that I couldn't see into.
Let your other birds go to bed as normal - the missing bird knows where 'home' is and will most likely try and make her way back, but if she has been badly frightened then peace and quiet will be more likely to get her to come home than half a dozen people tramping around shouting 'chook chook chook'!

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