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    Really delighted to find such a great site for chicken obsessed people. So does anyone know what a healthy chicken's vital signs ought to look like and how do you find it out. I'm thinking that know what is the normal temperature, respiration and pulse are might help with working out what is wrong with my sick chook. These vital signs are really useful for knowing about infection for example in humans, are they useful for poultry? Are there any links/ sites with this kind of information?

    My dear little tame Barred Rock (4 month old girl) is looking all deflated and lethargic. Feathers fluffed out, not eating and pooping only a few small poops. Eyes are still bright and she is still standing up okay. The ex-nurse in me wants to take her temperature and check her respiration rate but since I don't know what her temperature or resp rate is meant to be it would be a bit pointless. I suppose I would still have to see the vet for antibiotics or other medicine.

    Also is there any chance she would eat poisonous berries? there is poro poro (New Zealand native plant - sometimes called kangaroo berry I think) near her pen that is apparently poisonous but its been there for years and none of the other chooks touch it. I thought they know to avoid poisonous stuff.

    Anyway I've booked her in for the vet for tomorrow. I'll ask him the same questions but maybe someone out there can share this information already if they know it. If I find out I'll let you know.

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