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  1. PebbleEggs

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    Jun 17, 2013
    I really enjoy watching our flock and seeing how they interact. We have three groups. The original 5, 5 who were introduced at point of lay and 4 babies (2 handreared and 2 raised by one of the original hens).

    I have a feeling that the mother of the two babies has some disposition to be soft on family. In the original 5 she had a sister (nearly identical markings etc) and that was the only hen she didn't dominate. She never pecked her two babies even after they grew up, and now one of them has begun dominating her. Really odd to see because those babies are at the bottom of the pecking order whereas the mother is right at the top and will fight anybody who doesn't back down. Have you ever noticed this kind of family oriented behaviour?

    This mother has also been trying to spar with the most dominant of the second group (an orpington who stands up for herself because she's too lazy to run away). Everytime this sparring begins, however, either her baby or our cockerel interferes and chases her away. Is it normal for a cockerel to interrupt these fights? And is it normal that he's always chasing the same hen when the fights break out? Does he favour the orpington? What about the baby? Is she friends with the orpington?
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    Welcome! Flock dynamics are so interesting to watch. It all sounds normal to me. If they have plenty of space, and nobody is injured, all is well. Just watch and enjoy. Mary
  3. PebbleEggs

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    Jun 17, 2013
    No chance of anybody getting injured when Archimedes keeps interrupting their sparring and breaking them up! Just curious if other people's cockerels take it upon themselves to keep the peace (or protect certain hens)?
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    Yes, it is normal for the rooster to step in. They like an orderly house, will protect victims and chase or punish offenders. Watching a rooster at work is very interesting and enlightening. [​IMG]
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    I've seen the cock step in and break up a squabble successfully, and I've seen him fail to stop 3 knock down drag out fights between a broody and 3 birds who used to dominate her...... I had to break those up when blood was drawn and they just wouldn't stop after about 5-10 minutes.

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