Chicken Coop Bought - What Next

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    First post so hello and many thanks for taking the time to reply

    I have just purchased Cocoon 2100

    I have a large garden and am looking to keep 4 birds now that I have ordered the Coop what else should I buy, not looking to buy the birds until the end of Feb or early March (let the cold weather pass)

    Feeder/Water Plastic or Metal ?
    Should I have a feeder inside the coop and also one in the run ?
    Whats the best type of bedding ? for the nest box
    Treatments required ?

    Also after reading on the forums and google I have different advice on what to do with the coop when it arrives, after putting it together I have read
    Put a coat of varnish on the outside
    Dont do anything its new and has been pre treated already
    Use creosote inside and out

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