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Aug 18, 2020
I'm thinking of getting a chicken coop camera. The coop has power but is 250ft from the router. What would be the best possible camera? The coop has a very bad internet connection. If I can get a camera with a detachable antenna that can be placed 100ft closer would be the best. Does anyone have any ideas?
I had a similar issue, power in the coop but too far from the router. Through other postings here on BYC I discovered something called a mesh WiFi extender, and Wyze cameras.
Part 1
The TP Deco router extender. It works off your existing wifi router, but you can string multiples of them along around your property and they each piggyback off of the others close by to boost the signal. I initially just bought the 3-pack, but we had some issues with trespassers in September so I bought a second set and distributed them around the property to create a good wifi mesh. Amazing signal strength everywhere now. Much much better. Easy to configure per their instructions too. For a camera about 250‘ from the main router I used more than 3 TP Deco units, but I was creating the WiFi mesh so I could have multiple cameras on all my outbuildings. You might be able to do it with just 2, but more likely you’ll need all 3 since one plugs directly into your existing router. I put one TP Deco unit inside the coop itself inside a heavy plastic bag tied shut around the power cable. That unit now has 6 cameras working off of its WiFi signal. I think you can put up to a dozen or so TP Deco units total on your existing router. It says it somewhere......

Part 2
Wyze cam pan and Wyze cams were very reasonably priced, easy to install and set up. I did everything in a couple hours in preparation for an unexpected journey we had to leave the next day for.
The cameras each come with two weeks enhanced coverage, but I’ve never renewed by purchasing that enhancement. The regular coverage is fine for what I need now. Oh, and Amazon was putting a limit on how many pan cams you could get, so I went directly to Wyze cameras website to buy more of those and a few other accessories. Price was a bit better, shipping was a day or so longer.
Here is all the links to the units I bought and the extras like mounts, covers, cables. I also put new 32gb SD cards in each camera. Just in case.
Everything works together seamlessly, and it’s been a pleasure to be able to watch my babies in real time or playback and know they’re safe when we’re gone.

TP Deco router....

Wyze cameras, pan cam

Outdoor case for pan cam

Wyze cam

Outdoor cover for Wyze cam Like this.....

Mounts for both.....

Longer power cable
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What @Chipper Chicken said. Here is my indoor Wyze camera in action. Just use it for Chicken TV while at work and have motion action set for night incase of predators.
A ubiquiti point to point wireless shot could work as well if it's decent line of sight. They can shoot for a couple miles. We use them all the time for work when burying conduit is not feasible. About 160 total for both antennas and the speed is great. I believe around 300 mbps on the cheapest model. Having that wireless bridge really opens up your options.

We buried conduit about 150 feet to our coop and ran cat 5e because we don't have power in the coop. The cameras are plugged into our home nvr so it records as well.
Wyze look good though in the UK they are more than double the cost of the USA so there are better options here (personally I like Reolink with their own solar panels and built in wifi).

I had to extend my wireless to get wifi to the coop and went with an external PoE wifi extender - this one, though other brands are available, though this one has a power injector. With this you need to run a cat5 cable (4 twisted pair) from your router to the installation point of the wifi extender. This carries the internet access and power across the same cable.

That wasn't supposed to sound techy - I do work in IT, but installing an ethernet cable is just as easy as wiring a plug (you need a punch down tool - around $10 in the UK) and probably less dangerous as you are not installing a high voltage power cable (typically 48v and only live when you plug it in). It took me around 2½ hours to install 50m cable including the clipping the cable around the house, connecting the cat5 and testing. I sort of know what I'm doing but I'm not that practical and it really isn't that hard.

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