Chicken Coop Concept - Feedback Much Apperciated Ppl ...

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8 Years
Aug 9, 2011
Hi Guys ,

Im a engineer currentley working in the Walsall area and I have created a 'chicken coop' concept from which I have designed and constructed soley from a light weight, hollow metal , which is powdercoated to a desired colour. The coop itself is designed flat pack and consists of minimal effort to errect.

The coop itself can be constructed to suit many different sizes. Its designed for saftey and secruity of all poltery and also the coop itself allows for easy cleaning and maintance.

I will soon post some pictures of my prototypes , but your feeback and comments would be much appreciated people.

Many Thanks,
I would like to see it also. My question would be about heat, how hot would a metal building be for my chickens? The summers can be pretty brutal.
Is there a big market for chicken coops over there in the states ... As i am considering to produce a website an launch these products ..?
To resolve the heat issue .. I have insulated the inside with a form like material to stop direct contact with the poultry . As for the cooling down process I have inserted ventelation holes with the coop above ... which allows a constant air flow with the shade of the coop .

Also by powdercoating the the coop itself also deducts the amount of radiated heat .

My concern isn't the heat as much as ventilation. Most coops are made of wood which regulates humidity. Metal wouldn't, so it may just turn into a sauna inside.
What would be your suggestions then ...? All your comments are much appreciated!


Chickens are a curious bunch and will peck at anything. They will take paint off the floor and up walls as far as they can reach. Unless the foam insulation is covered with a surface that is impervious to pecking, they will destroy it where ever they can reach it.

There might be a market for a kit of the "skeleton" of a coop made from metal that bolts together and then the buyer sheathes in wood. There was just this last week a hurricane that swept up the East coast and folks were worried that the winds would topple the trees used as shade for their wooden coops and would squash the coop and chickens inside.

Always curious to see what an engineer can invent that might actually improve a chicken's life.

Best of luck !

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