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Apr 29, 2017
I am brand new to keeping chickens but have done a lot of reading. I have yet to find anything that weighs pros and cons of different coop designs such as tractor or fixed, large pens with nesting house, custom coops, etc. These forums seem to be used primarily as a means of showing off different projects rather than educating about design choices. Also, what are the key design requirements other than the obvious like protecting from elements and predators?

Here is a little background on what I'm hoping to accomplish:
I am starting up an effort to keep chickens at my children's independent school as a learning exercise for the ethical care of animals, understanding where our food comes from, being good stewards of the environment, etc. We are aiming to start with 5 pullets this summer and would like to expand to 10 or more next summer.
There are many ways to keep chickens based on your needs and desires. Things like free ranging or confinement, or whether you are raising for meat, eggs or show. Climate comes into play too. Someone in the south will need a different set up than someone more north.

Chickens have some basic needs for roosts, nestboxes, and good ventilation, and protection from the elements. Your coop needs to meet these requirements, but the rest is extras.

That's part of the appeal of chicken keeping, everyone can do their own thing.
Sometimes it takes digging through threads to read about pros and cons. I've come across little nugetts of information in unexpected places.

Weather is certainly a concern , but so is ease of cleaning. How often do you want to clean out the coop? Will the coop be in a run or attached?

It really is about taking the local environment into consideration, both micro and macro, and then customizing the coop for your unique needs.

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