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  1. JakesHappyHenHouse

    Window/Ventilation placement

    Hi everyone, we’re getting close to finishing our first coop. Would love some input on where to put windows and ventilation. We’re in Southern Oregon where it can get up to 100 in the summer (92 here today!) and mostly down to the 30’s at night, but with rare dips into the teens. Here’s a...
  2. Treehouse Coop

    Treehouse Coop

    “Treehouse” Coop Ontario, Canada Our coop sits above our run and includes a small protected balcony. Its footprint is ~ 12’ x 16’. It is home to 6 pullets: 4 Wyandottes, a Brahma and a Delaware...
  3. nconley11

    Need new coop but am overwhelmed

    I bought a house 6 years ago... turned an existing 8x8 garden shed into a coop last minute 4 years ago. Didn’t know much at the time and made many mistakes! Currently the coop is infested with rats and about ready to fall over! Wanting to build a brand new coop in a new location and want to...
  4. Book

    Has anyone used Rubber Mats for coop floor?

    After years away, it is FANTASTIC to be back to chicken life and here on Backyardchickens! We have moved a few times since we last lived in the country and have purchased a home where we can have 8 hens! Our next step, of course, is coop designing! We are required to have the coop itself 2...
  5. RiversideChick

    Urban Coop Design - Tacoma, WA

    Just finished our urban coop for our 8 hens. Designed by my husband. Includes padlocks on the run door, nesting boxes and large door on the coop (for cleaning it out). There are 2 exterior nesting boxes. The smaller door for the hens to enter and exit their coop remains open for now - we buried...
  6. S

    Automated Coop Door Development Project

    My name is Stacey and I am a student from the UK. For my University engineering project, I am developing an automated chicken coop door, currently still in the design stages of the product. The initial design is to have a motorized door and frame that can be bolted onto any pre-existing coop or...
  7. rascal66

    Best material for drainage in the run?

    Husband and I are getting prepared to redo the run and extend our coop. Its really rainy and wet sometimes out here in WA. Sometimes the run gets so muddy and stinky, I really get concerned for the health risks it brings as well. So our goal is to also prep it for better drainage and to better...
  8. D

    Automatic door opener

    I would like to install an automatic door opener. I already have a door with pulley system. I just want to ad an automatic opener. I prefer 110 ac. I have electricity available. Any suggestions? I already looked at the thread on hear and it looks like an advertisement for a specific brand. I...
  9. Thaney Design

    Earthen Coops / Coops that are partially built into the earth?

    Who's done it, and how did it work out? My first coop is going to have a green roof. Will post photos when it's done. But I'm realizing I will likely have more chickens than that coop can sustain by the winter. I would love to do a coop partially built into the earth to be its insulation, but...
  10. trumpeting_angel

    Chicken TV works both ways

    My new coop is attached to the porch, and we have a window into the coop. Apparently the chickies believe they have a window into the porch!
  11. thiggins

    Turning Tack barn into coop and run

    I somehow need to turn this into a coop and run. I don't even know where to begin.
  12. CityslickerHomestead

    Prefabricated Coops?

    We made our own coop, before we got our first batch of girls, and... I hate it. It took forever to build because we are so busy. Now I’m looking into purchasing a prefab coop to supplement ours since we are short on time. Or maybe design plans online that take the guesswork out of what I need to...
  13. alcstreetman

    Clueless first timer with a lot of coop/run questions! Rain barrel, sand, etc.

    Hello! Our chicks are ready to move to the coop and my husband is currently finishing everything up. I have multiple questions and have already found good information from previous posters but I wanted to see if there were any recent opinions that could be helpful. If anyone has input on ANY of...
  14. trumpeting_angel

    Crazy Chicken People

    I went and got chicks over the objections of my partner, who has a dozen projects at this house that he feels should be higher priority. Now that they are here, he adores them, of course. He especially loves the little Black Australorp, whom he calls White Butt. He is a perfectionistic finish...
  15. awyman

    Building Chick Enclosure.

    So, I’ve decided I want more chickens. I only have one right now but I’ve grew up around chickens. I’m placing an order soon for some different breeds. I want to start working on an enclosure though. I want to build the ultimate chicken mansion with a huge run. So if anyone can give me some...
  16. G

    Cheap shelter my first sizable flock?

    I've recently purchased my first real sizable flock from Metzers and TSC, I've got 2 female Rouens, 4 female Pekins, 14 female Campbells, and 5 male Campbells. I chose these ducks because I own a local bakery and will use the eggs in baking to supplement my needs there, and we have a local...
  17. Cheepers Magoo

    Apps or programs to assist in coop design?

    Hello! I've been searching for a coop design online that I like and works for me. I'm having trouble finding one that is ’the one', so I'm going to venture into my own design. Unfortunately, I'm not super experienced in building. My question is, have any of you discovered a good app or program...
  18. MiaS

    Woods Coop for Cold Weather

    Hi all! Been doing a bunch of research on coop design and now have come across the Woods style which I'm liking more and more. I've bought the book but so far have only skimmed it. I have a few questions, particularly for those who are fans of these coops and/or for those who have one in a cold...
  19. H

    Advice on coop design and chicken training

    Hi everybody! Ive been working my way through this site for the last 3 months and have gotten TONS of great information. For that, I thank you. I'm located in Southern CA and my wife was inspired to go out and buy some chicks a couple of months ago. Instead of getting a prefabricated coop I...
  20. Kseale1986

    Need advice on raising Serama/Run Design

    I’m wanting to raise Serama. I have read about them online but would rather get more information from people that know about Chickens and Serama in general. Guess I just don’t believe everything I read on the internet. I live in Southwest Arkansas, so, for the most part, we don’t get very cold...
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