chicken coop door opening


5 Years
Aug 23, 2014
I've been leaving the drop-down coop door open during the day so the hens can come and go to the outside pen as they please. With the weather turning cold I've noticed that sparrows and other small birds have begun to come into the coop to take advantage of the free food. When I put the girls in at night I'm met with a dozen or more sparrows as they attempt to leave. I'd like to install a flap like you'd find on a dog door in hopes that the girls would use it but the smaller birds couldn't. Any thoughts/ideas would be appreciated.
When you install it, start with it tied up on one side so that it is mostly open and they can get passed it by barely touching it.
I used a piece of plastic that I cut into strips so they can walk right through it. I lowered one strip every couple of days until all the strips were down. You flap will need to reach all the way to the bottom of the doorway, if the wild birds can see an opening, they will push their way under it.

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