Chicken coop floor idea

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  1. jk47

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    Apr 17, 2013
    Have the floor be concert then make a slated wooden floor so there's a kinda crawl space between the two floors the chicken go on the wooden floor and their manure fall through the slates onto the concrete floor
    Then you can even add one of those mesh slide out things for easy collection of manure
    And you can add boards that come off to keep the crawl space shut so predators can't get to the chickens. So what do you guys think a good idea or just a waste of time and money to make my thinking was that there would be no shavings/bedding to buys and the chickens won't get disrupted when the coop needs to be cleaned and they would be less areas for pests to live
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    I prefer just a plain wood floor. Then I sprinkle some sand on there and scrape with plastic rake daily. Sift with kitty litter scoop after raking poo into pile and sprinkle more sand down. Wear mask when sifting sand.

    Difficult to scrape a floor with lots of holes in it. Poo will stick to floor and not fall through holes (this happens with wire floors too). Eventually you will want to hose it down all the time - I used to have a wooden slatted floor in a coop with an open bottom and ended up hosing it out almost daily.
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    Jun 7, 2011
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    In the coop, a solid floor with litter following the deep litter method will be simpler to maintain. You clean it once or twice annually.

  4. cafarmgirl

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    I agree with the other's. A solid floor with some kind of bedding will be much easier to keep clean. If you have a slatted floor not all the poop is going to fall through, a lot will just stick to the boards and get tracked around by the chickens. Trying to keep all those slats semi clean as well as getting to what does fall through is just going to be a nightmare. We just do a thick layer of pine shavings on the floor except for under the roosts. I leave that bare and rake up and remove all the poop every morning. I do a complete cleanout twice a year. Everything stays clean, dry and no smell.

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