Chicken coop vs Hurricane Earl

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    Well, we are prepared about as good as we can be. Earl is nearly upon us. We are under mandatory evacuation orders, but we are staying put. It is 6pm and we've been told to expect the worst between 7pm tonight and noon tomorrow. So far we have only light wind gusts, but the surf is really kicked up! We've drilled anchors into the ground on each side of our big coop and used ratcheting straps across the top to tie the coop to the ground. Thankfully it's up off the ground about 3 feet. We are going to leave the 16 chickens we have in there where they are unless it gets really bad.
    We've prepared the garage and will move the 5 older girls in there after they go back into their little coop. The little coop is made from pallets sided with cedar shakes. They are only put on with shot nails so we don't expect it to fair too well. We could be pleasantly suprised...

    Will update the conditions after the storm is past--and after our power and internet are restored. Hope it doesn't take as long as with Hurricane Isabel. We were without power for 11 days and since we are on a well that meant no water as well...

    QUESTION????? Does the Weather Channel show what's going on here on your cable channel??? It has been the only thing reported on here for the entire day.
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    Jul 1, 2009
    new Hampshire
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    May 1, 2009
    [​IMG] Good luck to you and your chickens. I'll be thinking of you and everyone else in the path of Earl. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Good luck to you and your family. Please, if it gets bad DO NOT GO OUT to rescue those chickens. Flying debris will kill. Keep yourself safe. I'll be saying my prayers for you and everyone in the path of Earl. [​IMG]
  5. obxWaMi,
    OMG!!! and I thought I had problems, coyotes, hawks, neighbor's dog..............but to have to hurricane proof a hen house. WOW!
    But then I live in the middle of Texas, so I've not had any first hand experiences. TV footage is close enough for me!!!
    I called my friend who lives on the east coast last night to see how she's doing, she's been through enough hurricanes to know what to expect..... (but she doesn't have any chickens to worry about). So now I'll be thinking about her and you and all other folks who'll be looking out for their flocks during Earl's visit.
    Best of luck [​IMG]
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    Southeast texas
    Best of luck riding out the storm, i live in southeast texas on the coast so i know what you are going threw.

    Hang on , for the wind ride it's a powerful force.
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  7. booker81

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    Apr 18, 2010
    Good luck!

    Just wanted to say, my DH was one of the tree trimmers that came from DTE - Michigan to help restore after Isabel [​IMG] Hope he doesn't have to head out for Earl! Hope Earl magically calms down for you guys!
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    I don't think Earl is gonna be that bad, I doubt we'll get a direct hit, but those winds will still be kinda rough.
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    obxWaMi. I wish you the best, hang in there!
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    Apr 15, 2010
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    Hoping for the best for you and yours!

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