Chicken death


11 Years
Oct 12, 2011
I am surrounded by chicken death... one of my chickens was killed a couple days ago. since then.. every single egg I have opened up has had a baby chick in it.

It's making me queasy and sick and depressed.
Are you opening eggs that she was setting on? The only way that eggs can contain a chick is if they have been incubated.
Well I went out of town for 4 days, I got back yesterday and collected the eggs. I opened up 5 today and they all had a chick in them. Tiny little chick, smaller than a dime. but definitely a chicken
There was also lots of blood in the eggs.... if it wasn't a chick.. and there was blood.. then what?
Do you have a rooster? If you do not have a rooster, then absolutely no chicks! Sometimes hens will pass blood in their eggs from a blood vessel that's ruptured.
so it's possible thos eggs were there before I went out of town and I just didn't notice them?

I do have 3 broody hens but only one of them is actually sitting on eggs, the other 2 are just sitting on empty nests

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