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I want to bring my chickens inside the house by washing them, then putting a diaper on them. It would just be for a little while, only if it gets cold or we need to mow the lawn or somthing like that. Is this a good Idea? Thanks!!!
It might not be a good idea to bring them in to the house if it gets cold outside. Then they have to get used to the temperatures outside again if it heats up. Generally houses are kept much warmer than a chicken coop. A well insulated , draft free and well ventilated coop should be just fine for your silkies UNLESS you live in an extremely severe climate.
There is a thread called "People with house chickens," if you are considering going that route." My friend has had house chickens dating back some 25 years. She doesn't diaper them she just cleans up whenever they go. She claims that is easier than checking diapers.
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Why and how many are you bringing inside? If you are only bringing one or two in and leaving the rest out then know that you will have to re-introduce those birds when you put them back out as the flock will not remember them.

However, if you intend on bringing the whole flock in then, yes, washing them and putting diapers on them is the best way to go.

Best of luck!
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House chickens can be fun. Definitely check out the House Chickens thread that Kelsie has provided. Lots of members here on BYC keep chickens full time indoors!

Great to have you aboard and welcome to our flock!
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I've never had house chickens or chickens with diapers, so I can't help you from personal experience. But, I've read that they work.
Thanks for responding! I have six chickens, so I would bring them all inside. Thank you for your advice! Do you know any sewing patterns for chicken diapers?

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