Chicken died, no idea why! Help!

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    Feb 27, 2016
    My Red Star Hen Clementine was acting weird this morning, so I picked her up (which was a big indicator she wasn't right because normally you can't catch her!) and she spewed out some clear stuff from her beak. I checked her crop and it was empty, and she started spitting out more of this clear watery stuff. Her belly looked a bit distended, but nothing crazy, but her breathing was very labored and she kept closing her eyes like she was ready to go at that moment. I brought her inside and wrapped her in a blanket, and she continued the labored breathing and closing her eyes. She didn't throw up again.
    I eventually put her in our quarantine cage to give her some time alone without anyone messing with her. I kept checking on her and she was standing for a while and seemed to enjoy getting special treatment, but as the day went on she looked worse. I just checked on her now and she's gone! I'm really concerned because I have no idea what it could be, there are no outward signs of anything that was wrong with her before this morning.
    I'm so afraid of the bird flu going around, so I'm hoping someone will give me some advice to say it doesn't sound like that! :)

    Should I take her somewhere to get tested? If so, where do they do that?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!


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    Nov 23, 2010
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    Send her to your state poultry lab. What state are you in?

    You need to do so immediately.
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