Chicken Died unexpectedly?! Please help D:


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I came back from school and looked in the nesting box, and my buff orington cockerel was dead. It was very saddening because he's a family pet, a
Raised from an egg. I picked him up and set him on a chair, and doing so, he started leaking some kind of whiteish stink fluid. Now I want to know why he died.. It was very unexpected. Yesterday, he was acting weird, hunching down and hiding in the nesting box. I was determined to find out why he was sick after I came home from school, but I was too late. Here is what I observed, please help me figure out his death, as I would like to prevent it again.

He was still warm, rigor mortis had not set in. (Knock on wood)
His comb and wattles are purplish
His frill? Feathers were wet.
He died with his head behind him.
How vent is leaking a kind of white stinky fluid.
His beak is open and some of his crop is leaking out. (It stinks badly)
His crop has a little food in it.

Can anyone help me with this mystery? I looked up these symptoms but nothing showed.

A grateful 12 year old,
- RandomQueen
Sorry about your cockerel's death. It's hard to know for sure what killed him. If he had sour crop for a long period of time, it may have caused the smelly crop liquid. White liquid from the vent probably had a lot of urates or chicken urine in it. Sometimes sour crop can affect the whole digestive system causing a fungal infection throughout the gastrointestinal tract. None of this may have been the problem either. A necropsy performed by your state vet could find a cause of death. Sometimes doing your own necropsy at home can shed light on what was wrong. For instance, an impacted crop or gizzard, or worms blocking the intestines, and many other problems may be found.
Sadly, I have already buried the chicken in my graveyard. I just didn't have the heart to do an autopsy as it has been my first chicken that has died, and second, I have no idea what I'm looking for. That's fine though, I suspect it was sour/ impacted crop. I kept a feather as a token I will love you forever Peaches. RIP. Peaches, 9-24-14. Just remember him forever.

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