Chicken Died


8 Years
Nov 1, 2012
Hi All

One of my chickens died last night :( and I'm trying to figure out what happened. She had started to lose some of the feathers on her neck about a week ago, and was acting a bit off during that time. I thought she was just molting, but since she was only 6 months old, that probably wasn't it. I saw her kind of burrow into the bedding and lay there during the day like she was very tired. Her vent looked normal- no feather loss or swellling, and I couldn't see anythign else on her. I'm not sure I did a thorough enough check to rule out egg binding. I really wish I would have done more. Anyway, I don't know if I sure we should be worried about the rest of the flock. They all seem energetic and fine, but I am not sure I know what I'm doing.

They are all around 6 months old and are currently eating organic layer feed plus scraps. They get out to free range about every other day. The chicken that died was a New Hampshire Red, and the rest in our flock are different breeds (black sex link, red sex link, buff orpington). I am in Utah, and it has been cold here- (freezing at night), but they do have a heat lamp to keep the coop to about 55°F.

Any thoughts on what I should be looking for? Thanks!
I don't think what she had should be traveling to the test if your flock if they aren't sick now. Perhaps she was just sick with a disease or something was faulty when she was born. If you want to rule out fungus... And you can handle the smell, crush a clove of garlic in there water. Can't do any harm :) sorry to hear for your loss.


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