Chicken Dine and Dash.....


8 Years
Feb 18, 2011
This is my blog post today, but I thought you guys could relate! If you'd like to follow my blog that would be fun too (feel free to post your blogs too!)

Chickens can be your best friend! Okay, let me rephrase that with a bit more truth. Chickens can be your best friend when you have food! Today I went out to share some of our lovely grapes with the chickens and what started as a gesture of good will ended up an event where I was lucky to escape with all appendages intact.

I pulled up my vintage (of course it's vintage) patio chair and put the bowl of grapes in my lap. My plan was to sit and halve the grapes and distribute them to each hen, making sure that everyone got a few grapes. Oh no, this is not how things happen in Henland USA. My lap was immediately covered in a swarm of chickens that more closely resembled vultures. Pieces of grapes and juice were flung all over me while I tried to shield my face. Once a few chickens had been knocked off my lap a few more quickly hopped up. It only ended when the last grape was gone. And then? Oh, the chickens were no longer interested in me and quickly took off to explore the garden through the gate I had left open.

This is a chicken dine and dash. There is no other way to explain the craziness of a flock of girls running full speed towards you, bringing back thoughts of every dinosaur you ever learned about in school, pouncing, eating and then retreating. I'm still recovering, but I think I'll pull through.
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Rockin' Reds :

How delusional are we when we think they are going to quietly sit by our feet as we distribute food? ha ha ha!!

Your avatar makes me laugh! I just love those foofy girls!​

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