Chicken Doesn't Like Me!!!!!

chicken boy sam

10 Years
Dec 21, 2009
I bought this little belgian bearded d'anver pullet at 8 weeks old at a show. At first I thought that she was just scared because of the car ride and me putting her in her new cage. She is now about 10 weeks old and hasn't calmed down one bit. I was hoping to use her as a junior showmanship chicken, but at this rate, she is way too skittish. The woman I bought her from says she LOVES peas, which she does. She is alone for now since she is too young to go in with the other chickens, so this might be the problem. Any ways to make her more friendly? I've tried just holding her for a long time and that doesn't work at all. Should I get her a friend?
I think I might get some scratch grains from the store and hopefully a new chicken soon which will hopefully make her more nice.
I usually tried to be calm when I approach my chickens. I would sit down with their favorite treats in my hand and wait for them to come closer to eat the treats off my hand. If they are very skittish then I will toss a small amount of treats on the ground near by so at least they know I'm there to give them treats. I do pick them up often from their pen either to bring them out to the yard or just to pet them in my lap to let them know that when I held them nothing bad will happen when I'm around. I'm sure she will come around but it does takes time since you didn't raise her when she was a chick so hopefully she will get used to you soon. Good luck.

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