Chicken down! HELP!


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Aug 10, 2016
Sarasota Florida
I pinked up a flock last week that was very neglected, birds very thin, and not in great shape. I've been worried about 2 of them a bit, but they seemed ok until this morning.I went out for my morning check and one of the browns was laying on the coop floor and could not get up. I've pulled her out, and she appears to have some food in her crop, it's not overly large or anything like that. Her feet are cool to the touch. I wormed them all with safe guard goat wormer on the 9th, and have been putting electrolytes in their water. She (and the others) is very thin. They were being given a LOT of corn, and didnt have much space or attentive care.
I have her in the house now in a towel nest and she is just sleeping. Is there anything else I can do for her? The second photo is from the 6th
Is she eating? Drinking? What does her poop look like? Have any of your flock had vaccinations recently? If you are adding new chickens, I would advise quarantine for at least 30 days.
You said she was being fed a lot of corn. What are you feeding her now?
What does her comb and wattles feel like

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