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  1. I dunno if this should go into the genetics or not but ill post here

    So we have 3 hens (2 EE and an orpington), the orpington lays a dark brown egg however when she started laying it was lighter but not too light, the EE (domino) lays a green egg and our other EE (cocopuff) lays a whitish brown egg, so today I found 3 eggs (fairly uncommon) BUT there was a green egg, and 2 whitish brownish eggs ( Domino-green, CocoPuff- whitish brownish) in a buried nest, their usualy nest got buried. Last time I checked was 8 ish yesterday (no egg) and 6 ish today, could an EE lay 2 eggs in that time frame, shes a horrible layer so I would never expect her too, and the 2 eggs werent frozen so i dont think one of them was layed yesterday, or could my orpington have a dramatic egg color change? or am i overthinking this?

    any help would be nice :) :) :)

    sorry if im confusing, and I can post pictures
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    Some hens will lay lighter eggs at the beginning of the laying cycle that get progressively darker or vice versa, so maybe your Orpington is coming to the end of the cycle and laying lighter eggs? It is impossible for one chicken to lay more than one egg in 24 hours since it takes about 24 hours for them to "make" an egg, so it was either laid yesterday or by the Orpington.
    Yes, your Orpington could have a (temporary) dramatic egg color change.
  3. makes sense i guess

    from what I heard a leghorn can lay 2 eggs in 24 hours (i know shes not an leghorn LOL)

    so if the egg laying cycle started say 9 (what ever month that is) in 2011 would it make sense its ending now?
    okay, that makes more sense then coco puff laying 2 eggs LOL
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    Where did you hear that a leghorn can lay 2 eggs in 24 hours? Because I'm pretty sure that they have been misinformed [​IMG]
    They start a new laying cycle each year, so maybe it has to do with Spring beginning or more light or something?
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    Hiccups happen. Any hen can have a snafu in their eggs production line. Resulting in things like double yolks and two eggs in one day. Generally the eggs get lighter as they get into their laying cycle. A lighter egg can happen if they short their daily cycle. I'm more inclined to believe the egg was buried and insulated in the nest. The hens getting in the nest enough to keep it warm. Do you have a thermometer in the coop?

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