Chicken Eggs or Duck Eggs Which Is Healthier

Duck eggs have higher cholesterol and fat. Also more of all the good stuff--vitamins, minerals, omegas, protein, etc.

As for flavor, it's personal. The flavor is actually very similar to chickens, but the texture is firmer. A friend of mine who prefers chicken eggs says that chicken eggs are "soft" and duck eggs "tough." I prefer duck eggs and say that chicken eggs are "runny" and duck eggs "firm." In baking, the higher protein content and stiffer texture makes for loftier goods--most bakers prefer duck eggs when they can get them.

So, as for what's healthier--it's a toss-up. Ducks pack more punch per volume of egg (and lay larger eggs), but they're also higher in fat & cholesterol. One thing that *is* for sure, though--whichever you choose to grow, the eggs from your backyard will be much, much healthier than the eggs from the grocery store. And they'll be tastier.

Have fun deciding!
Trick question....
Really the cholesterol in eggs as not an influence when it comes to cholesterol in the human body. We can only absorb 10% of the cholesterol we eat. 90% is being made in our body from carbohydrates, especially sugars. Duck eggs are higher in the vitamin B group, which reduces the absorption of cholesterol. Now you know why it is such a bogus question. Duck eggs are higher in cholesterol, but healthier then chicken eggs over all. Now lets see how many of the chicken owner scream fowl.

You can find the nutritional info here:
Select dairy and egg products, and pull egg into the search block.
Then why would stores sale more chicken eggs rather then duck eggs or 1/2 chicken, 1/2 duck. I have to watch my cholesterol, but the Vit. B sounds great, something I could use more of! I guess next spring I'll just have to wait and taste.
The stores don't care what's healthy--they care what people will buy. Due to cultural background, most Americans are accustomed to chicken eggs and few of them are willing to try something different. In contrast, Asian markets nearly always carry duck eggs. Momentum can be a powerful force.
That has to do with ducks being very messy. Can't imagine to have duck batteries for egg production, will be extremely hard to keep clean. Its so much easier with chicken. Their poo falls right down and they scoop it up with tractors to resell the poo.

If you have a cholesterol problem you should read any of the books from Dr. Barry Sears. They are usually sold as diet books, but that is not what they are really about. He started off with research in sport nutrition. The books explain well what really causes high cholesterol. You can avoid all the fat and cholesterol in the food and all you will see is your cholesterol going up. I'm not kidding, mine had been high since I was a teenager. Turned out I have PCOS, which was the underlying cause for it. I went to a conference in Chicago where I met Dr. Glueck, a renown cholesterol researcher, who stumbled on to the PCOS thing while researching cholesterol. They tried all kind of different diets and where baffled with the results, because it was all against normal believes. What brings cholesterol down is eating healthy fats, and lots of green vegetables. What brings it up is starches and sugars. So you should avoid or have very little potatoes, rice, and bread for example. In fruits you should reduce fruits that grow in the tropics, because they have more sugar in them. The real issue is refined sugars and corn syrup. Anyway this discovery, and the removal of my duodenum has fixed my cholesterol problem completely. It has also fixed my PCOS.
I really dont know how old is the book from Dr. Barry sears but my information was update after 1980 .please check the book to see when did it publish. Any Doctors must say high HDL cholesterol is good which are in duck and chicken eggs. one more thing from old book is chicken egg was bad for liver but now it has been reverse .chicken egg actually protecting your liver.
I'm going with they are similar. A lot depends on the diet and the health of the hen. I had seen a post on BYC wondering if it would be a good $ saver to get unsaleable (not bad but defective) bakery type products from a factory (like Hostess) and feed that to the birds. I'm thinking a chicken eating twinkies isn't going to be the healthiest or produce the healthiest eggs/meat.

As stated, Asian countries consume alot of duck eggs and in much of Europe you will find duck eggs in the stores right next to chicken eggs. I think it is cultural. We don't eat duck eggs in the US. Similar to rabbit, one of the healthiest meats you can get, is very uncommon in the US.

I don't think it has anything to do with ducks being messy. Like chickens, they typically won't poop in the nest. Many of the big waterfowl hatcheries sell eating and hatching eggs as well as ducklings.

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