chicken eggs while on anitbiotic


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Apr 11, 2011
Shapleigh, Maine
Sorry if this is not the right section to post in.

I have a hen that is on antibiotics (mixed with her water) as she was coughing, sneezing and raspy. I know that you are not suppossed to eat their eggs at this point I assume because of the antibiotics more than the sickness. But is it ok to cook the eggs that she lays for the other hens? I know this is a strange question and I certainly don't want them to get sick. But like to be frugal and not waste eggs either.

All opinions are welcome and I am certainly not offended and definately will through the eggs out if that is what needs to happen. Just wondering.
There is a chance that the antibiotic gets passed to the egg, therefore you shouldn't eat it. The antibiotic in your system will make your "germs" possibly more resistant to antibiotics. So when you get sick, you may need a stronger medication yourself.
And therefore, you could be dosing your other birds if you feed them her eggs, and then you wouldn't be able to eat their eggs either.
See I knew I should ask all of you! I was thinking, "well the antibiotic is for chickens so it obviously won't hurt them." I wasn't thinking, "oh, and then I eat their eggs." "Dah!" So thanks for all of your feedback! I will toss the eggs far into the woods and let them turn to earth.

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