Chicken eludes police !!!!

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    Rooster eludes trooper, survives leap from bridge
    Zilwaukee, Mich.
    A runaway rooster remains at large after eluding a Michigan State Police trooper and taking a leap from a bridge.
    The Saginaw News reports that the trooper spent part of Thursday morning pursuing the barnyard bird along the Zilwaukee Bridge on Interstate 75, about 85 miles northwest of Detroit.

    State police say the concern was the rooster causing a wreck or becoming road kill.

    Trooper Randy Kahn says another officer on the bridge described the culprit as a "big, fat, juicy rooster" that wouldn't let him catch it. Before help arrived the rooster went over the bridge, landing safely in a shallow area before scampering toward the Crow Island State Game Area.

    The trooper's official report reads "he jumped, proving chickens can fly."

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    "big, fat, juicy rooster"

  3. [​IMG] I can hear every BYC member that lives close to Zilwaukee, Mich running out the door to check the coop!
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