Chicken etiquete


10 Years
May 27, 2009
If you are going to be considering adding chickens to your backyard, I would recommend that you FIRST, to the following:

(1) Check the state of the laws in your area;

(2) Get your neighbors on board or at least give them a heads up.

Even if you have an iron clad absolute right legal to have chickens on your property, if you are very close to other people, extend them the courtesy. Bring some eggs over. Have a yard party (maybe a brunch) where you feature eggs and chicken (unless you are a vegetarian). Serve booze. Have someone come over dressed in a chicken suit. Give everyone a rubber chicken to take home. Show the video "The History of the Chicken" from PBS. Don't keep roosters. Make your coop look pretty. Don't use chickens as a weapon of war. Even if you win the battle, you will lose the war (of public relations).

Attorney and former planning commissioner and chicken owner.
I'll agree with the first suggestion you have but other than that.. if you have a right legally to own any animal, its none of your neighbors business, sorry. I'm not here to appease my neighbors and do not need their permission nor approval. When they pay my mortgage and bills - then they can tell me what to do.

Thankfully - I adore all my neighbors and we all get along beautifully. The only issue I currently have is 2 little rat terriers that keep coming over
but the owner is very nice and it should be rectified soon enough
If you live in Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Virginia, you can probably do what you please
. In other places where it may be more crowded, however, you may have to use some discretion.

If you are on a 8000K foot lot in a subdivision, for example, even if for some reason you are not regulated as to chickens in your backyard, it is wise not to stir the pot (at least not without a chicken in it).
I agree- if you buffer the inevitable and extend that courtesy and even just pretend your neighbors have a say- or even that you care what they think- then they may not go down the road of negative attitude nearly so easily.

I didn't share it with everyone (and I'm in a 9000 sq ft lot in an urban neighborhood) but only those who are near enough to know or care. I hand out eggs when I can, and I'm very careful that no impact falls on anyone, short of the occasional egg song.

'Heads up!' can be considered enough good gesture to make up for a lot. Even if you ought not have to.
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