Chicken Eye is Big


10 Years
Oct 16, 2009
Holden, Missouri
One eye on my chicken looks like it is sitting on top of a blister or something. Somewhere I think I have see something like this but I cannot remember where. The swelling or blister or whatever makes the eyeball sit ontop with the big bulge is underneath the eye. I hope I explained that OK. I cannot get a picture of this guy yet. I anyone knows if this is some specific problem let me know so I can look it up. Thanks Terri Lee
I haven't read the entire post yet but her eye is wide open so I don't know if its the same thing or not. She has had this for 4 months or so and is never sick at all. I just dont know, her eye is clear but it looks like the pupil is pushed up toward the top of the eye. Terri
Thanks for your input. I am debating if I should lance it or just wait and see what happens next.
I think I will wait and see if any other thoughts pop up. Thanks Terri
Just an update, I finally decided I had to do something even if its wrong so I wrapped her in a towel and lanced it. I had to pull the bottom eye lid down because it was over the cyst or whatever it was. I had expected puss but instead I got clear liquid. After I cut it I got all the clear liquid out and just a bit of blood. I was not as prepared as I thought I was I did not have any kind of antibiotic to put in her eye but I guess I will wait and see how she does.

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