Chicken falling asleep, potential internal bleeding

Aug 1, 2021
Hey everyone. So I actually don’t have or raise chickens, but I live in a city where there are a ton of “Tyson” plants. Last week I was behind a truck transporting some chickens and one of them came out of a broken cage and hit the asphalt at about 70 mph. I got out of my car and went to get her and took her to sanctuary. The skin beneath her wing is detached from her body, and her abdomen is extremely bruised. She eats a little bit and drinks a lot, but is too heavy to stand or walk on her own. She spends most of her time asleep and when she’s awake, she dozes off and snaps awake again. We called a vet out who put her on antibiotics and pain medication as well as tended to her wound. She’s been doing well for about a week, but yesterday her status changed. She is no longer responding to any touch whatsoever and doesn’t open her eyes. Her breathing looks normal but she won’t eat or drink. Is she actively dying or is there something else going on here? We want to help her in any way we can if she’s able to be saved


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Meat chickens are usually butchered around 6-8 weeks, and are full grown and heavy. When they are allowed to live longer, some may have health issues or leg problems. Having suffered injury and trauma, she may just not be strong enough to survive. I would let her go or euthanize her. You are very kind to try and help her.

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