chicken family NC


11 Years
Sep 8, 2008
North Carolina
First of all I want to say that I love to read BYC. I even got my family start reading it.
We love chickens and you could say that we are addict to them. Every one is having their own chicken and in a family of 5 its getting pretty busy. After DH had finished the coop, He decided that it was time to buy his own chicken.
We started with 3 and now we have 18. We just lost one to a really big bird that picked up a guinee and fly with it in a really high tree.

We have 3 Buff orph., 5 ameraucana's, 1 silkie ,2 guinee ,5 quial,2 Austrolops and 1 RIR. And a hotdog named Humprhrey that thinks he is a chicken.
I would love to meet family's with chickens in RDU area NC.
Thanks to everybody who had post all those chicken story's.
We are waiting for our first egg, and everybody in the family is trying to find it. A race to the coop is our first thing in the morning.

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