Chicken Family Tree? :D Good or Bad Idea?

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    I love love love my animals especially my beloved chickens! I have a rooster who I hatched in an incubator from an egg the my dad's friend sister had. She had a Barred Plymouth Rock Bantam rooster, a brown bodied bantam hen, and a bright orange bantam hen (she looked like a mini Buff chicken). Well both of the hens (despite their small size) were each sitting on about ten to fifteen eggs each! My dad's friend sister who's name is Lisa said I can't handle all the babies that might hatch! She let us take about five or six eggs home for free! Two hatched my rooster Penguin and a little black chick that ended up dying. (I brought her to my moms and my mom refused to by a heat lamp for the poor thing because she thought the house would burn down so sadly the poor thing passed ): ) well my rooster Penguin is now a little over a year old and he is the friendliest Bantam rooster anyone who meets him have ever met. He is also a very very handsome bird! And he knows it! He loves strutting his stuff and being a big show off :) I've have people offer me $150 to $300 because of his beauty and his friendliness! But my boy is not for sale! He follows me around like a puppy! Soon once we found out he was a rooster we went back to Lisa's home and got a hen we named Dusty. Those two are like old lovers!

    This past spring Dusty produced four chicks. Three of which had the same pattern and color as Penguin did when he was a baby. The fourth one had the markings of him but was blonde!

    We ended up selling the three chicks that looked like Penguin to a lady I worked with at a vets office. She was always wanting me to save her some chicks when they finally had some! She said she would probably only take two but she didn't want to split the three for sale up so she graciously bought all three of them :)

    Well we kept the little blonde one and what we thought was a hen turned out to be a rooster! His name is Dudly and he is a good boy! He is only a few months old now but he is just as gorgeous than his daddy!

    But the purpose of this blog entry is to find out if it is a silly idea to make a chicken picture family tree! I want something that will help me keep track of any descendants from my precious boy! :) I feel silly for doing this but I'm a crazy chicken girl! :)
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    I think it's a great idea making a chicken family tree! Good luck!
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    I think you should do it!! =)

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