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    Jul 16, 2013
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    omg is all i have to say i had no clue that there are so many different breeds of chickens out there. that being said i have choose ameracaunnas for the breed i want well mostly i have a couple that i have no clue what they r. and a white leghorn roo.. i have an ameracaunna roo on hold but just didnt want to many new things around as my new chicks i have r sick with the cocci... but r on the mend. they r a mix of buff orp and red sexlinks and black new jersey giants... i cant wait till they get bigger... my ameracaunnas r between 5 and 6 months old and i am awaiting my first eggs so exciting [​IMG] i can hardly wait. we had tons of chickens when i was a kid. love the fresh eggs. my husband has gone to calling me the chicken farmer cause all i seem to talk about is the chicken lately., lol i have made their coop and run out of recycled wood and such the only thing i had to buy was the chicken wire and plywood and netting i had everything else on hand... got lucky there. i think my total cost was somewhere around 130.00 and of course my time i put into it but that didnt take to long just worked on it a lil each day . its not the most beautiful but it will do . this fall i wanna expand again and add a different breed of chickens any suggestions would like for them to be a brown egg layer this time . well hope everyone is haven a good day and happy chicken farming !!! [​IMG]

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