Chicken Feather Issue


Jul 28, 2016
My parents have four laying hens and one has been having feather issues and just looks kind of sickly. I was wondering if anyone has any idea on how to get her back into good shape.

The chicken started losing feathers about December2015. I assumed it was molting. It's now late July and if anything it looks worse. It did move homes twice (sold a house, temporary lodging, and bought a new house) so I don't know if that could have over stressed it. During the time we had it (between houses), one of the hens (not sure which one but could have been this one) laid a weird fleshy lump. It should be at least two years old now. It eats layers pellets and scraps. The comb is a paler color than the other hens and is sort of collapsing on itself, and the head is pretty bald looking. Necks feathers look bad and the hen just looks a bit ratty. It acts normal from what I can tell though. If there is something i can do to help it, I'd appreciate input,

Thanks much.



Have you checked closely for lice and mites? There is also a feather mite that lives inside the feather shaft which is difficult to cure.

Is she laying eggs?

I'd try boosting the protein and perhaps start looking for a vet. Where are you located?

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