Chicken Feather Plucker Machines

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Jul 24, 2013
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What is the best one for the least amount of money? I googled and could not zero in on one. Thanks.

Also, I am not a do it your seller, so I need to purchase one. I saw "small feather" ones, but don't know if that is for all size chickens or not. They ran between $75-$110.
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I really like our Yard Bird. does two chickens at a time in about 25 seconds. it is normally about $500 but can be had sometimes on sale for as low as $399. we got ours through tractor supply. I've processed 37 birds so far with it and it has not had any issues. it's nice that the motor is direct drive and the motor and electronics are sealed up.
The small feather units are for quail and the like. For Cornish x you will need to step up to a bigger unit. Cconly has some for under $500 but you will have to pay shipping. Tsc has a unit online only that is $399.
I have the yardbird . Mine came with a few minor issues.
Reverse bolt had no threads. We had an extra one laying around
, a dent, fixed with a vice and wood chunk,
and the bottom seal ring was not placed perfectly. a dap of silicone and now its perfect!
So far we only test ran it and plucked a runt Cornish X in 15 seconds or less. It still had a few tail feathers left on but I cut the tail off any way. I like that it has no belts to slip off. I definitely recommend this. My Hubby is a mechanic, and went over this plucker with a fine tooth comb. All said an done, he gives it a thumbs up. That's good enough for me. :)

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