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Mar 8, 2011
Hudson/New Port Richey
I have just recently purchased 18 baby chicks hoping to get a few more too. I am feeding them PenPal chick starter. I see PenPals makes layer feed too, is their layer feed decent? In the past I used Nutrena or Layena. But I do see that Pen Pals has plant and animal proteins and based upon what I have read on here that animal proteins are good in the feed. there is no Kent, Blue Seal etc etc dealers in my area as many folks like there feeds. I live in new port richey and mainly you only find the big name brands of feeds in the radius of 30 miles of me. any input would be awesome i havent had chickens in like 6 yrs so im rusty at things.
This is the first time I ever heard of the brand, Penpal. It's all about ingredients, so if you've compared it to your usual brand, and it seems right, then why not use it? I don't think you have to worry about shocking their systems like you would changing a dog's food.
I think it sounds good too, i dont know what the price per 50lbs is i think the chick starter was like 14-15dollars for 50lbs so i would imagine the layer would be about the same. I like purina for rabbit feed but if chickens should have animal protein in their feed then a feed with animal protein would be better. I am going to check out a local feed mill too and see what there feed has in it.

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