Chicken Flu??


9 Years
Sep 18, 2010
Hi all,
Ive only had my chickens 3 weeks, to cut a long story short we bought what we thought were 3 pullets but it transpires today that 1s a roo, which we returned to who we purchased them from and swapped him for another her, when we handed the roo over he said he had a cold, how do you know if they have and what needs to be done, they've not been acting any different than usual? They are around 10-11 weeks old so not laying yet.
Chickens don't get colds. What they get are respiratory infections, which are usually highly contagious and dangerous (and often render a bird a carrier for life should they survive the initial illness). I would ask him why he feels they have a "cold"? What is he seeing to make this assumption? Are you seeing any signs of respiratory illness? Sneezing, coughing, discharge from the eyes, nose or mouth? Raspy breathing? If the bird had signs of a "cold" I would never have taken it back, so why did he? Did he sell you birds knowing/suspecting they were sick? All these questions need some answers that only the seller can give you. I'd be having a pointed chat with him soon.

I hope your birds are OK.
Unfortunatly it was my other half that returned him and swapped him, if i had been there i would have been Intrigued as to how you could tell as being new to he whole having chickens as pets, i really dont know much apart from i was right my pullet was a roo (lol). The other 2 chicks that were with him for 3 weeks seem fine i have not noticed any of the things you have mentioned and they seem happy enough doing their thing and plenty of eating and drinking. But i will keep a close eye on them and check for that. Maybe he was justing saying it his chickens are all in open run things abit like a large rabbit run, where as ours have there own sheltered house with straw and shavings and attached run and get to free range for 2-4 hours per day. I will keep a close eye on them and maybe pop and i have word with the seller.

Thanks michelle
Just gone to check on them 1s making what sounds like a funny sneeze and she's also opening/closing her beak like we would if we were taking in air is that raspy breathing. Should i be worried?
Time to have that chat. I doubt your birds caught something at their new home in 3 weeks time. Possible, but unlikely. I believe he might have sold you some sick birds.

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