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Mar 6, 2011
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There have been lots of posts on growing grass for chickens, but the chickens destroy the grass. I have planted a small 10 x 10 area with clover and a 10 x 10 area with rye grass in my yard. I cut thew grass every day with garden shears and give the grass to my 5 RIR hens. They have a steady supply of greens and the grass is not destroyed, plus my feed costs have droped by half.

I donot have any pictures, just thought I would share.

Also the chickens love the clover.
You sound like a great chicken mom! I think I might try to grow some grass and clover and go with your idea since grass on the ground is not an option.
My back yard is COVERED in clover and wonderful edible plants for chickens. This makes me wish even harder that there was some way to get all the glass in my back yard out of the ground. My back yard used to be the home of Bay City Glass. We tore down the building (it was falling apart and the roof had caved in) but it's still got 50 years of auto glass all over. I'll be doing raised bed gardening. *sigh*

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